Nohemi sells solar products

Nohemí Barahona, 49, is one of the first microfranchisees to sell solar powered products in the rural areas of Murra, bordering Honduras. She sells lanterns, cell phone chargers & lamps. Her community was once the scene of fierce fighting by the Contras, the rebel group in the 1980s that fought the Nicaraguan government. Murra is relatively peaceful today, and its inhabitants make their living primarily from farming corn, beans and growing coffee. Barahona grows beans and coffee and also raises farm animals. She is a strong voice and advocate for her community.

Barahona is an activist and one of the first to raise her voice in defense of the rights of women and girls. She helps and mentors women who acquire and raise farm animals through a government support program. She volunteers with the Ministry of Health and also oversees a community pharmacy supplying veterinary medicines.