Volunteer or Intern

TecAp has operated on a shoe-string, so has always been fortunate to have a variety of volunteers.

IDEAS can assist if you have made an arrangement with your university to get academic credit for being an intern.

If you are interested in volunteering or interning, contact:
Carter Garber, Executive Director of IDEAS at (404)378-7544 or cgarber@ideasnet.org


Tax-exempt Donations are needed

IDEAS is a non-profit that can receive tax-exempt donations mailed to:
1702 Dancing Fox Road, Decatur, Georgia 30032 USA

Or through the Network for the Common Good button below.
Contact: Carter Garber, Executive Director of IDEAS at (404)378-7544 or cgarber@ideasnet.org

Recent Donors

Supporters of the TecAp program include:

The following foundations have given mulitple grants: Bancker-Williams Foundation, Full Circle Living, The Jim and Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation, and the Fund for Southern Communities.

Other foundations have provided vital support for new directions: The Morris Family Foundation, the IEEE Foundation, the International Foundation, and many others.

Coffee companies have supported our bringing solar energy to coffee farmers: Equal Exchange and Green Mountain Coffee.

We could not have done the good work without: Our many individual donors, and numerous volunteers in the US and in Nicaragua.

Please Contribute In-kind Donations

In addition to tax-deductible donations of money, we need in-kind donations of various types. Please contact us for more information.

Support your groups of women or youth to learn and earn from solar energy

If you have a group of women or youth who are interested in becoming microfranchisees or youth who are interested in learning how to be solar technicians, please contact Hermogenes Zelaya at hermogenes@ideasnet.org.