TecAp Structure

The TecAp microfranchise is made up of the microfranchisor (IDEAS), the microfranchise (TecAp), and the microfranchisees (groups of rural women in fair trade coffee cooperatives).

As the microfranchisor, IDEAS:

  • Develops and refines the business plan that will be replicated by the microfranchisees.
  • Creates and manages the TecAp brand, marketing, and publicity
  • Researches potential products, handles product procurement, negotiates with suppliers, and manages the importation of products.  Click here to view the current product offering.
  • Defines sales territories (each microfranchisee exercises exclusive rights to sell in her territory)
  • Provides technical assistance and training to microfranchisees to help grow their business

The microfranchise, TecAp, is the business model that has been systematized in order to be replicated in many places by independent women microentrepreneurs in Nicaragua. See the below diagram of the entities that make up the TecAp Microfranchise and how they are related.

The microfranchisees are women in fair trade coffee cooperatives who learn the business model and are able to grow their business more quickly than a traditional microenterprise due to the advantages of being part of a microfranchising system that has been well developed and continuously improved.  The microfranchisees provide IDEAS key information about the markets they serve, allowing IDEAS to tweak the product line as well as the sales process.  Click here for profiles of the first microfranchisees.