solarwomanDo you care about erasing poverty, supporting women entrepreneurs, youth solar installers or helping the environment?

Then give to TecAp and help women and youth get the skills they need to build a sustainable future for themselves and their families!

TecAp Projects include:

  • Entrepreneurship training for poor women to sell needed solar products in areas with no electricity
  • Youth trained to install or repair needed solar systems and water pumping technologies
  • Opportunities for new entrepreneurs to start already proven businesses with the help of the TecAp microfranchise



P.S. Did you know that Nicaragua is the 2nd poorest country in the West, just behind Haiti? Your donation, no matter how big or small, will go a very long way in making a difference.

Click here to learn about many TecAp programs.

solargirlThese are some of the ways you can make a tax-free gift today to help even more women and youth have a better quality of life:

  • $850 provides a full scholarship for a youth to train, become certified and earn income installing and maintaining solar roof top systems.
  • $625 pays for a Nicaraguan TecAp staff person, who also lives in a rural area, to provide expertise and technical assistance to youth and women that allows them to sell more
  • $125 pays for a sample of solar products like lanterns and cellphone chargers that a woman can take door to door with a catalog to improve her sales
  • $100 buys all the basic tools that a youth needs to be a mobile repairperson or installer
  • $80 pays for a tank of diesel to get a four wheel vehicle to have a technical person go out for a week to recruit additional women to become microfranchisees and bring them supplies.
  • $50 pays for the cost in a community for 5 women microfranchisees to learn more about marketing solar products and rooftop systems.
  • $25 pays the night in a hostel and the meals for a day of a TecAp staff person working in a rural area.