1.  Groups of potential microfranchisees are identified and recruited.

2.  New microfranchisees attend a series of business development trainings

3.  Microfranchisees receive sample products and catalogs. Click here for a list of product photos and descriptions.

4.  Microfranchisees educate neighbors and other community members about solar energy and take orders for small solar items as well as rooftop home solar systems.  Each microfranchisee has an exclusive sales territory, guaranteeing that each seller will have a base of potential customers.

5.  Microfranchisees transmit orders each month via mobile phone

6.  TecAp staff fill the orders and ship the products to the microfranchisees

7.  Microfranchisees deliver the products and collect the payments

8.  TecAp staff provide ongoing training and technical assistance to microfranchisees

And the cycle begins again!