TecAp presents at regional conference in Guatemala

TecAp Technical Coordinator Hermogenes Zelaya presented at a regional microfinance conference on Tuesday June 25 in Panajachel, Guatemala. The conference was hosted by Red Katalysis, a network of 22 microfinance institutions throughout Central America. This was the first international event attended by TecAp and proved to be an extremely valuable tool for sharing the knowledge and experience that has been gained through the TecAp microfranchise. Zelaya shared about a pilot project TecAp has recently undertaken in Yali, Nicaragua. This pilot project is run in conjunction with the Nicaraguan microfinance institution FUNDENUSE and features a new “green” microloan product. This new loan product allows TecAp microfranchisees to purchase a stock of solar-powered products. They then sell those products in their community and use the revenue to repay their loan and purchase additional stock. This innovative loan product has many benefits for the microfranchisee, her family, and her customers. Click here to learn more about the benefits of renewable energy for rural families in Nicaragua.