TecAp – Winner of the National Energy Globe Award Nicaragua!

178 countries present sustainable solutions

Unique Best Practice Online Campaign on the World Environment Day, June 5

TecAp - Winner of the National Energy Globe Award Nicaragua!Our planet is facing a crucial test today. All over the world we can see the negative impacts of our environment’s pollution and destruction to the detriment of millions of people, and with dire consequences for all of our futures.

We have to make a change – not by talking but by acting. For this we need the passion, commitment, courage and cooperation with all parts of our society. 178 individuals and organizations in this world are showing how this change can happen.

Energy Globe presents these committed people and organizations and their actions June 5, the World Environment Day to tell the world that there are many creative people out there with great projects providing answers to many of our environmental problems. Click through 178 outstanding solutions on www.energyglobe.info and learn more about great people and their great actions which were awarded with the national Energy Globe Award.

This unique online-campaign is under patronage of UNESCO and done in cooperation with UNEP. It is one of many activities, Energy Globe has been implementing for 30 years to educate people about the sensible and economical use of resources and the use of renewables.

One of Energy Globe’s beacon projects is the Energy Globe Award. This environmental prize with project submissions from 178 countries has become a significant signpost to the future. By awarding these projects and presenting them to the global public it raises attention to already existing good solutions for many of our problems.

Inform the public about these outstanding environmental solutions which can be seen online from June 5 and inspire others for great actions for a better future on our planet.