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Neomi sells solar products

Naomi Barahona, 49, is one of the first microfranchisees to sell solar powered products in the rural areas of Murra, bordering Honduras. She sells lanterns, cell phone chargers & lamps.Her community was once the scene of fierce fighting by the Contras, the rebel group in the 1980s that fought the Nicaraguan government.Murra is relatively peaceful […]

TecAp: Supporting Women in Nicaragua to be Microfranchisees

The Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance and Solutions (IDEAS) is a non-profit that has become a microfranchisor. It created a microfranchise, TecAp, which is an innovative technology program to assist women in rural Nicaragua to become microfranchisees. This means that TecAp trains the women microfranchisees about solar energy and other appropriate technologies. It also provides […]

Youth to be trained to be Solar Technicians

IDEAS has received funds from the IEEE Foundation to train a set of “micro-technicians,” who are youth and women to be trained formally in how to diagnose the size, install & repair the solar roof-top systems. This will provide them new employment while providing a local repair person for the hundreds of systems that have […]