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What does TecAp offer to women microfranchisees?

-A business that is easily replicable by low income microfranchisees with little formal education -A tested business that meets a market demand at prices her neighbors are willing to pay -Guaranteed income margin to the microfranchisees so they can help their children with needed expenses like school fees, food, clothing, etc. -Assists the women to […]

Youth trained to be Solar Technicians

IDEAS has trained 76 “micro-technicians,” who are youth and women to be trained formally in how to diagnose the size, install & repair the solar roof-top systems. This provides them new employment while providing a local repair person for the hundreds of systems that have been installed but not gotten repair because the technicians live […]

Solar energy is proven to greatly assist rural women and their families

High quality coffee is grown in the mountains, often far away from the national electrical grid. One third of all Nicaraguan families do not have access to conventional electricity. Low income women and their families who have bought solar systems found three major types of benefits. 1) Benefits to the family: Family health improves by […]

Nohemi sells solar products

Nohemí Barahona, 49, is one of the first microfranchisees to sell solar powered products in the rural areas of Murra, bordering Honduras. She sells lanterns, cell phone chargers & lamps. Her community was once the scene of fierce fighting by the Contras, the rebel group in the 1980s that fought the Nicaraguan government. Murra is […]

IDEAS solves a financial problem so the poor can purchase roof-top systems

One of the biggest obstacles for a low income coffee producer to buy a roof-top solar system is obviously the cost. IDEAS partnership with the coffee cooperatives and fair trade coffee companies has allowed the farmers to obtain longer term financing with payments that are compatible with the coffee growing season. For example, Root Capital […]

TecAp: Supporting Women in Nicaragua to be Microfranchisees

The Institute for Development, Evaluation, Assistance and Solutions (IDEAS) is a non-profit that has become a microfranchisor. It created a microfranchise, TecAp, which is an innovative technology program to assist women in rural Nicaragua to become microfranchisees. This means that TecAp trains the women microfranchisees about solar energy and other appropriate technologies. It also provides […]